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One thing a lot of you have stressed, which, a month later I'm starting to realize is....your opiate receptors are longing for SOMETHING and for all the time you take opiates, they circumvent your own dopamine. So, when you stop taking opiates, you go into withdrawal. And any pains you have seem to be 100 times worse (sometimes real, sometimes imagined).

My point is...I literally feel like my brain has been healing. When I first came off Norco, I had these absolutely splitting headaches. I took OTC meds - nothing. I kept telling myself that God wanted me to really FEEL this, so I would never want to do opiates (more like ...withdrawal) ever again. Over the last few weeks, everytime I do aerobic exercise, the hour or so afterwards (typically at work as I go swim at lunchtime), I feel the "high" that most do after exercising, but I also feel like some kind of salve is soothing my absolutely raw brain.

I also think I had major nutritional deficiencies cause by opiates - I would frequently not eat so as to have the empty stomach needed for the highest high, but also I think the Norco depleted me of minerals, too. I have been taking a multivitamin twice daily as directed by a major vitamin proprietor and I have felt again...like I'm healing. I would not say I feel 100 times better..more accurately I feel like I'm "on the mend".

My appetite for both food and my wife (!) are back and I've lost about 10 lbs - some from exercise and some, I'm sure, from the loss of abdominal swelling found in the abuse I was doing to my liver (see also ascites)...so of course my liver is on the mend but I wanted this post to focus on the brain/chemistry..and how right you were.

If you're new to this board, I would suggest going back to find bajaboat's (?) post that explains opiate addiction. Once I understood the chemistry, I looked at going through withdrawal and the Life After Norco as an illness, just like I looked at cancer. It made me see how switching from opiates to my own dopamine is a GOOD thing.

Sorry for the rambling, just wanted to share.

I think I am going to re-think that username - I'm no longer Droopy Eyes, esp at work!