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Quote from Brooke79:
Hi All,

I was wanting to hear from those of you who experienced leg pain after fusion surgeries. I am at 11 days post op and when lying down the pain in my legs (nerve pain) is nasty.
Does it go away? Is it temporary?

Thanks Everyone

Hi Brooke,

I had a anterior, posterior spinal fusion at L4-5, L5S1, with decompression and bone grafts with instrumentation performed in Feb. of 2002. My diagnosis was DDD with radiculapathy particularly in my right leg. The two discs were removed and replaced with donor grafts or femoral rings as they are called. My surgery took 10 hrs and i was hospitalized for 10 days because i felt AWFUL and lost 6 units of blood. My leg pain seemed to have gone away after the surgery but came back gradually and i still have it all these months later. I should mention that my doctor delayed the surgery until conservative measures proved futile. I think during those 7 months that nerve damage became permanent and i am currently getting some relief from LESI's and PT with lots of stretching excersises but primarily through the use of the Duragesic patch and Norco and some muscle relaxants. I have not been able to return to work but i think in about 2 mo.s i will be well enough to get back out there. I hope you get better soon and i want you to badger your doctor about getting relief now for your pain.

Best Wishes, Larry