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[INDENT]Yes, I have been away for a couple of days again. Besides the pain, I think some depression has finally set in. But I will over come it, as I do everything else. I had much difficulty getting my strength back after my last menstrual cycle. I do have an appointment tomorrow with my gyn. As for the Fibromyalgia, I am not going to let that get me down at this point. I have an appointment next month with a Rheumatologist and I will wait until he does his testing and see what his finding's are. I won't let myself get upset with a doctor diagnosing me without running any kind of testing. However, I do understand that certain symptoms and exams can lead to a diagnosis, I still prefer testing. I also saw my pain management dr. last Wednesday. She wrote me a script for the Duragesic Patch. Unfortunately, my insurance would not cover it. I think this may be because I already have a script for the Lidoderm Patch, but I am not sure. I called my p/m dr. and she was upset with my insurance company. So instead of the ES Vicodin since I think I have built up a tolerance to them, I am now taking Percocet. I also asked my doctor to order blood work to check on my liver as I have been taking this meds for over 6 months. I don't think I should have been the one to ask. But someone has to stay on top of things.... I don't like taking all these meds, but I don't have a choice. My MRI has been scheduled for the 20th of this month. That's my update...[/INDENT]

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[INDENT]I think if I do get diagnosed with Fibromyalgia then I will be asking your advise on magnet therapy. Since you have been a user of this therapy I am sure that you would be able to assist me in finding the best product's. I know their are many out their that are gimmick's. I hope those were the correct words. And thank you so much for your kind words and I sure did miss chatting with you. Just being back on the boards, I am starting to feel better already.[/INDENT]

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[INDENT]I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. I understand exactly what you are going through. A couple of years ago I had lost my dog Buster. I felt responsible because I had giving him people food and he choked right afterwards. He was an Akita and they are extremely big dogs. I called my husband crying as the dog was choking but the dog didn't make it. This was also on my Anniversary. Not one that I will ever forget. Time does mend the loss, but they are never forgotten.....
As for your back pain & breathing when going to bed, I can relate. I had somewhat of the same problem. I actually dreaded going to bed. I knew the pain that I would experience when I would go to the lie down position. I would sit on the side of my pain for a few minutes just to get the courage to lie down. I later realized that in those few minutes my body was just getting so tensed because I knew of the pain I was going to go through. I would actually hold my breath the whole time while getting into bed. And it did take me some time. Because first I had to get on my side, then I would turn to get on my back. I would also have to bend my legs to get onto my back. By the time I was done and I remembered to breathe, the rhythm was a bit off and I also have asthma. And of course I would experience so much pain. This pain would last for approximately 10 minutes. But about 3 weeks ago, I finally realized what I was doing on getting myself so tensed. I decided to take my muscle relaxants earlier at night and tried to relax my mind. Well, it worked and I get into my bed with more ease than I thought possible and know irregular breathing. I am not sure if any of this sounds familiar to you but I thought I would share my story. [/INDENT]

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[INDENT]I just wanted to welcome you to the boards and this thread. I wish you a very successful recovery and I hope that we can help you along. I think that Christi gave you some wonderful advise. I think from reading your post that you had your surgery on Dec. 31st. Somehow I must have missed your post concerning your surgery and I apologize. I have started thread's about member's upcoming surgery's. If you don't mind I would like to include your surgery, but I would need your actual date. I am not sure if I have figured the above date correctly. Also I would take all the time in the world for your recovery. I can only imagine what it must be like working with 5th grade student's....lol
I wish you the very best.[/INDENT]

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[INDENT]Welcome to this thread. I hope that your recovery is coming along well. If you don't mind me asking, what type of surgery did you have? I too can relate to those heavy doors in some stores. I think they all should open automatically. But then did you ever have one of those automatic doors that weren't functioning properly. They are twice as heavy!!! I had one not work for me, and I had to push it with everything I had to get it open. Then it decided to work for the next customer. I stood their dumbfounded... [/INDENT]

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