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It's been 8 weeks and I can kiss the brace goodbye and start to sit. Hooray! ! :bouncing: Still no signs of improvement post-IDET. The doc says that if I had no improvement by 6 months post-IDET, it ain't likely gonna happen. I start PT next week and we'll see how it goes. Looking ahead, anticipating the worst (can't help it-it's my nature), I can see myself signing on for ADR in the summer. In the meantime, I'll continue to take it slow and hope that my disc has some healing potential. I'm doing well pain-wise on the duragesic patch. Thank God for that. The pain relief is really helping me to enjoy life a whole lot more.

Hi tennisnut! I've never talked to you before, but I've worried a lot about you! Will you please tell us more about this duragesic patch? Is it like a lidoderm patch, or more powerful? Thanks, and good luck!
Hey-another Amy (that's my first name too)! I've been wondering who's been following this thread-over 1,000 views but only a few participants. I'm glad you piped up! I had never heard of the lidoderm patch so I looked it up. The active ingredient is lidocaine, which relieves pain locally (where the patch is attached). This seems to me to be a much less "intense" pain medication than my duragesic patch. The active ingredient in the duragesic patch is fentanyl, which is a strong opiate. The drug is released slowly into my system so that a constant level of pain relief is maintained. This is a systemic analgesic whereas the lidoderm is a local analgesic.

Like many people on the board, I started out using the short acting narcotics (e.g., vidocin), which stopped working after a while. The docs at the pain clinic said that these short-acting drugs are terrible for chronic pain for a number of reasons. So it is good that I am now on the most effective medicine for my problem.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear from you and hope to again.


[QUOTE=Amy R.]Hi tennisnut! I've never talked to you before, but I've worried a lot about you! Will you please tell us more about this duragesic patch? Is it like a lidoderm patch, or more powerful? Thanks, and good luck!
T'nut--A quick word for you. I learned through another context that there may have been a recall of Duragesic Patches. I believe you are or were using them, so I wanted to pass this on asap. I don't have particulars, but I would assume it would be easy enough to search for. Good luck as always, and in all ways,

t'nut--here is some more specific info as I have found it. there is a recall on the Duragesic patches -the 75 microgram per hour ones. The recall is being done by the drug company Janssen. The lot number on the recalled is 0327192.
Apparently the meds on those patches my leak out when applied to the skin.

You would probably want to confirm this with the company of your pharmacy if it might affect you.

Hi, everyone :wave:

Sorry I've been absent from the board for so long. Somehow during this crippling back crisis, I have managed to grow my business and have been extraordinarily busy. It has been good to keep my mind busy as my emotions run havoc when I have time to dwell.

I'm now 4 months post-IDET and, sad to say, not any better. I still can not sit without extreme discomfort during and for many hours following. I did have a new MRI recently, which showed that my bulging area of the disc had in fact decreased in size and that the disc space was a little more collapsed than it was a year ago. So it does seem that the IDET did shrink the buldge. Whether it actually has sealed the tear remains to be seen, but the bottom line is that I am no better off in terms of pain or functionality. I am still not able to do isometric contractions of abs and gluts without subsequent flaring.

Have been doing a lot of research on artificial disc replacement and the docs who have evaluated me think I'm a good candidate. It looks like I will have to travel to Europe to get it done as the clinical trial in the US is over and the FDA is only allowing a few more procedures to be done. It doesn't look like approval for the first artificial disk (Charite III) will happen until Fall 2004 at the earliest and for the other (Prodisc) until 2005. In the next few months, I will be making my plans for the travel and operation. Looking to have this done in late May.

I've been up and down and all around about the surgery decision. But I know that I can't continue on like this, propped up on narcotics and living like an invalid. I still haven't been able to imagine a life beyond this pain and suffering, but am trying to believe it's there for me.

Standingman: thanks for the tip about the duragesic recall! I didn't have any of the bad batch but found that the patches weren't working so well for me so I swtiched back to oxycontin. You've been in my thoughts. I'll have to catch up on your posts, but imagine you are still taking it day to day.