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Good Morning,
I have a question , please anyone who might know answer I have a PM doc appt today and need advice. I am currently on Duragesic 25 mcg. and norco 10/325 for BT pain, which to be quite honest is not working well at all for me, its really only taking my pain from a pain level of 9 down to a 7 or 8 , maybe im just a baby, but Im still having a hard time functioning , working and taking care of my home on this pain level. Im newly diagnosed to fibro, so they just started on the narcotic pain meds, before I was just on anti imflammatory's and non narcotics, which gave absolutely no pain relief whatsoever. I have been on the patches and the norco's for about 21 days. I called my PM doc and said the meds werent working, and Im going in today, when my appointment was not supposed to be for another 9 days. I have been told that when it comes to Narcotics, they are very strict with the amount they prescribe in a certain period of time, I was given a months supply but it hasn't been a full month, my question is, if these kinds are not working / or are not strong enough, and my doc prescribes something else, would I have a problem getting it filled since it hasn't been 30 days?? Has anyone else ever gone through this, Im just worried because im not getting really any relief, and I don't think i could go another 9 days feeling this way, plus with the meds I still have left I don't want to take other than the exact way the doctor prescribed, I may get more relief taking more than prescribed, but Im definetly not doing that , thats just bad news... So does anyone know the rules when it comes to stuff like this, can the doctor prescribe another kind, and can the pharmacy fill it???? Your advice is much appreciated . Have a wonderful day.