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Hi Laura: I, too, take Bextra. I don't think even Bextra does much for me. However, my spine is a disaster! I have 14 degenerating disks. I am on opiate medications for my pain. However, it all depends on your pain level and spinal condition. Also, if you have disk problems, it can depend upon how deep your nerves imbed a degenerating disk. I do take my Bextra, as I will do all I can to bring down any inflammation. Who knows, it probably is doing a little something. I do well with epidural steroid shots, too. I have burning (nerve or neuropathic) pain. Aching pain is either a disk or muscle, but really bad aching is usually a disk. Stabbing is usually a disk or bone spur that is poking a nerve somewhere. This is my own little figuring out of what these pains mean, just by observing my x-ray results over the years. I told my doctor that the opiates is what stops my pain, not the anti-inflammatories. I got the impression that was because the opiates work on the nerve pain. My whole body feels like it is burning. So, please do try to start out with the anti-inflammatories, as directed, but you may have to try a few of them before you find one that works with your body chemistry. Anti-depressants also help spinal pain (watch ones that cause weight gain). Also, anti-seizure drugs (such as Topamax--I've heard Neurontin is causing depression and suicides on a lawyer ad out of New York; funny thing, my doctor just took me off Neurontin and changed me to Topamax. I actually liked the Neurontin better, but forget that suicide thing. Think I will stay with Topamax, although right now I am not taking them. Gall bladder problems screwed me up so bad, I could hardly take anything thru my stomach!)

I hope this helps. Also, you must keep telling your doctor what is working and what is not working. You have a right to proper pain control. Please do not give up on your pain until it is controlled properly. Take care, Patmg

PS If you do have an ulcer, ask your doctor about a duragesic patch to control your pain. That way, there isn't any drugs passing through your digestive system. The drugs are delivered via the skin from a patch. I don't know what meds your doctor is willing to provide. Sometimes the patient's age can affect what a doctor prescribes.