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[INDENT]Sorry I haven't been on the boards lately. I did see my neuro surgeon last week. I did bring up the issue about the SPECT Scan and his opinion is the test is inaccurate. I did discuss with him the increase of my back pain and some of my prior surgical pain returning. He did go over my x-rays with me and said they looked good. I told him well, I don't feel good. He said that he wanted an MRI. I asked if the hardware would make it so he couldn't read the films. He said that he would be able to read the films. Upon scheduling my MRI with another office I told them of my instrumentation. They said that the images might not come out to well but scheduled the test. So, I wonder how he is going to read this films, or if he ordered this test to shut me up....lol Should I laugh or cry..... Also he thinks that I have Fibromyalgia and has referred me to a Rheumatologist. I will undergo testing before I believe that I do have this. I also went to my pain management doctor and she wrote a script to put me on the Duragesic Patch. My insurance would not cover this script and that may be because I already have a prescription for the Lidoderm Patches. So I had to call her and she now has me on Percocet as the ES Vicodin hasn't been working as well.

But as you can see I am only 6 months post op and I am not giving up. Believe it or not I am still not giving up hope. But I will continue to keep on top of my doctor's. I sit back and I see all these medication's that I have to take. This is not the reason why I had surgery. I could sit here and say I am not addicted but I have to be. It has been six months that I have been taking these meds. Yes, I only take them for pain and nothing else. I don't like the way that I feel on them, but I can't handle the pain. I don't take the prescribed amount, but I still take them every day. I only dream of being pain free and then wonder if I will have to fight off an addiction. Oh God, I am rambling again....

I just don't want you to give up. You have to find a doctor that can help you. Yes, their are good ones. You need to have more testing and I really pray that you will find your way to a good doctor that will help you. You are in my prayer's.[/INDENT]

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