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Thanks for your help. Good to hear that you have fusion and your PT is going well. I won't have much of a choice in "slacking" off from my PT, as it will be my place of duty. The ARMY has a good PT program for the most part. I am currently on 5 mg of oxycondone (direct release) 2 tablets every 4 hours. They don't seen to work very well, either has percoset, LORACET or Norco. I think that the Norco did work better than all of them though. I have never heard of dulaudid before, what is it's active component?

I'm not sure about "active components", but I do know it's derived from morphine and it's a schedule II drug - like morphine....very strong - and usually hard to get b/c doctors freak out about someone possibly getting addicted.
I tried over 6 drugs - like percocet , darvocet, hydrocodone (Lortab)...and all of those are codeine based...they make me projectile-vomit. :eek: I also tried fentanyl (sp?) (the Duragesic patch AND the fentenyl sucker/lollipop). Fentenyl started out ok, but first put me out like a light for 12 hrs..then I woke up and threw up. Nice, huh?