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Hi Guys,
I can feel for all of you. I have Ankylosing Spondilitis it is cousins to all the RA, Lupus, CFS ect... I have had it for 11 yrs now and didnt get a diagnosis until I found a great rhumatologist. I dont just rely on him I have read, studied, researched, emailed anything I can get my hands on. I have been on over 25 drugs and finally decided I was going to have to help myself. I have had flare ups where I could not walk for 2 weeks, I have had cortisone shot in every joint you have, I have taken so many steroids I take them as vitamins. I just had an echocardiogram because we are afraid that the inflamation has damaged my heart valves. Right now I am on a duragesic patch and oxycodone. I am on methotrexate (cancer med) for the inflamation. I just found out about Antibiotic IV therapy on the [url="http://www.Ankylosingspondilitis.com"]www.Ankylosingspondilitis.com[/url] website. When you go to your Rhumatologists have them do a SED rate and a C reactive protein (blood test) it measures the inflamation in your body. X-rays will show if your spine is fusing together or your joints are eroding. I have had Iritis the eye condition. All I can say is with a good Rhumatologist and you working on helping yourself you cant go wrong. I have even fought the DEEP depression that goes along with this illness, pleurasy ect...If you have any other questions just leave a post and I will try and answer it. Lisa