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Thank you for your words of support. Megpat, from everything I was told at the hospital predisone is a short term use drug. On high doses it can cause hallucinations, make you hear voices and can turn a patient psychotic and if left untreated can turn into dememtia and skitsophrenia( I can't spell that word). I started out on 5mg and quickly was given 10mg a day. Three years ago I went on 15 mg a day and none of my regular doctors said anything about there being anything wrong with me being on such a high dose. The RA doctor I started to see in Febuary expressed concern and started to drop the dose slowly, by May I had gotten down to 7mg a day but couldn't get lower because my flare ups and pain increased horribly. He started me on MTX in April and that seemed to help but when I had the melt down I totally lost what I did for three days, and to this time I still cannot remember. I was told at first that I had a severe rage "episode" then cried for the next 2 1/2 days.
Veggie Queen 58- What are Plaqenil and voltarin for? Since I had the reaction to celebrex and vioxx I am not taking anything but MTX, bextra, Duragesic and Lortabs for my RA- nothing for inflamation. I keep wanting something for the inflamation but we're having to be so careful because I have been having reactions to so many meds that it's very frustrating.
To clear something up, I'm not having to fight with my employer to keep my job, they have nothing but the highest respect for my abilities and are holding onto my job, the Department of Transportation's doctors are fighting to get me on med's that are legal for me to drive and putting stress on a woman who really can't handle it.