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Hi, Bradly

I was babydolltahiti before. I decided to change my screen name to SFangel.

I have been using Duragesic (fentanyl patches) for a year for severe chronic pain caused by Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy in my left knee/leg.

I used Oxycontin in the past for 4 months. This med was prescribed for me by my first primary care physician. I later had to change doctors. My new primary care physician switched me to Duragesic. I guess she does not like Oxycontin very much because it is a "street drug" that is easier to abuse than Duragesic.

Duragesic also controls most of the severe chronic pain in my neck. However, the pain flare-ups in my neck are particularly painful. Vicodin, which I take for break through pain, does not help much, unless I take it in a high dose. I do not like to do that because of the acetaminophen content in Vicodin.

I would like to try OxyIR for breakthrough pain. Is OxyIR similar to Roxicodone?


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OxyIR is the same thing as Oxycontin except it is not time released. I take 20 mg of Oxycontin twice a day and 2 5 mg OxyIR every four hours. I was prescribed Duragesic before and I did not like the effects of it. I would feel all the pain and then all of the sudden I would start to feel high. I could not stand the swings I got with that drug. Plus the patch never liked to stay on me.