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I would like to know if you are taking Duragesic for arthritis. If yes, what kind of arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis, etc.) are you taking it for? Does Duragesic help you?

I am on the .25mg Duragesic patch for R.A. I started on it in April. At first it was wonderful, I was able to move around easier because it masked my pain level back down to a 2 from a 7 & 8, now I'm back up to a level 7 and I'm afraid to go higher on the dose. If you forget to change your patch every 3 days the withdrawal symptoms start before 12 hours and they aren't nice at all. I'm thinking seriously of asking my Dr. to give me something to help get off of it because I don't like being addicted to any kind of drug.
Hi, madamkitty

It is interesting for me to find out that people with RA also take Duragesic for arthritis pain. I thought only people with OA used it to control arthritis pain.

Are you afraid to go higher on the dose because of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms? I feel that way too, although I do not want to be weaned off from it because it has been working so well for me for a year. I have been using the same dose of Duragesic: 50 mcg.

Is it okay if I ask you what withdrawal symptoms you get if you forget to change the patch every 3 days? It seems to me that I have some withdrawal symptoms before the time comes to change the patch.