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I will post more later. I just got home from 6 bad weeks in the hopital, had to have 2 more back surgerys :o I went in to have my rods and hardware taken out and larger ones put in but my doctor punctured my spinal sack!! that spinal leak caused the WORST kind of head ache that you can imagine, so I then had 2 blood patches and final my fourth back surgery in the last 7 months, they removed a sist that had formed from the spinal fluid that was the size of an orange. Now at home but still in lots of pain!! Was takin daluidid in the hospital but now Im taken methadone 4 times a day (10mg) each. My Pain managment doctor said I could go on the duragesic patches but what do yall think?? Will they work better than the methadone??Please respond if you have taken both.And by the way, it's wonderful to be home!!!!! Rlcowboy :wave: