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I have the duregesic 50 patches, norco (vicodin 10mg),and diasapam. When times are tough we bring out the big guns if we can break a 10mg in half and do ok with that good. If tylenol or aspirin is sufficient for a period then I stop the narcs and stick with the least needed. The sweating out period is a good 24 hours all right. hate that but you need to prove to yourself that you can do it when you can (when the pain level is down) after a few times enduring withdrawls you know that it will all iron out when you get fixed and higher pain relief is no longer required. I go from duragesic to breaking a 10 in half after six hours I don't take anymore. 10-12 hours later it starts to hit me so I time it out so that the sweating is done at night with 25 mg of amytriptlyine. The towel is for your pillow. I don't know if this is textbook and please dont take it as advice, I am by all mean not a doc. Just another guy that knows what you are going through.

Good luck. Mark.