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Hello everyone,
This problem with my back came as a big surprise. I had done 10 years in the military, gotten out and started a new carrer when I first remember having sciatic pain. I went through the normal regimint for pulled back muscle with no relief.(muscle relaxer, rest, anti imflamatories). Never believed the Drs about the back when it was my hip that was hurting and really wanted to prove them wrong. The pain was steadily getting worst, so bad, I thought I had broken my hip, so they refered me to neurosurgery which ordered an MRI. The results absolutely floored me. Up until that day, I was the average 30 year old. (No restrictions in life) I was told that I had DDD, multiple herniated discs and scoliosis with the spinal cord twisting. My mind was blown. The neurosurgeon went on to say that had he not seen me walk in his office he would have recommended surgery that day. I was then referred to another neurosurgery office for care. I had 3 ESI 2 weeks apart. That helped with the pain for exactly 6 months. (amazing how the pain knows when to come back) The crippling pain came rushing back. I had sinced moved from Va to Fl absolutely no pain during the 6 months. Refered to pain management because there was no way 'I' was ever going to have surgery. Percocet was given 2 every 4 hours as well as valium for muscle relaxing. Nothing was releaving the pain so a facet injection was given which in my mind caused more pain than it helped. I swear up until that day, all that I ever had was severe sciatic pain. After the facet, I first felt pain in my back. I tried trigger point injections and they really helped with the pain along with durgesic patches 25 mcg. The injections are also in sets of 3 and they lasted about 3-4 month the first time the 6 months the second time I had them. I was completely painfree again using 0 pain meds. Once again that the problem corrected itself. The last time the pain came, it came with a vengence and nothing was helping the pain. I was getting trigger points sometime twice a week and ESI every 2 wks along with duragesic 50 mcg and pecocet 2 every 4 hours. After going to the ER on Christmas day and 2 other days that same week, they admitted me with severe muscle spasms everytime I moved. They gave me morphine and valium around the clock to calm my nerves. A new MRI was given. I now have severe stenosis at the L5-S1. The Drs and the hospital, my PCP, pain management Drs all said that it was time that every stone was turned over and more pain was all that was there. I then made up my mind to have surgery and did all of the research I could. I found this site and was a fly on the wall reading all of the positive post. They all calmed my mind and eased the transition from never having surgery to now it is time. It is day 5 for me now and I am for the most part painfree. I still wear my 50 mcg duragesic patch and only take a lortab and flexeril at night. I walk alot, ride with my wife when she goes on short trips, and get out my bed every morning like I have somewhere to go today. Though I have nowhere to go today, I have somewhere to go in 8 wks and with Lords will and me not getting impatient, I will be there.