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Kvn60640, Are these patches the same thing that are duragesic patches? These type liked to have killed me! After trying the duragesic, I was deathly sick! I would have had to feel better to go to the hospital! Since then my doctor wanted me to try them again, which I told him I was very scared to do so, after what had happened to me! He suggested cutting the back and only let half touch my skin which I agreed to try until the pharmacist said this was dangerous. So I called the manufacturer and they said under no circumstance do this! I inquired as to why and they said the patch has a membrane and even though only half the patch would be touching, The half of the backing left on the patch which I would of had to cut could rub this membrane and give me a lethal dose. They said never alter this type of patch! So are we talking about the same kind of patches and If not, have you ever had the duragesic patch and did you have good results with It? I suffer with alot of pain and am only trying to get some answers. I'm also on methadone which helps, but dosen't get rid of enough pain. May GOD lead us and give us the understanding to make the right decissions!
Dwayne, Duragesic and Lidocaine patches are NOT the same thing. Duragesic is made from Fentanyl, a narcotic analgesic. Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic and works in a whole different way.
Many people are higly reactive to the Duragesic, and can come addicted to them very easily. As your pharmacist said, under NO circumstances should the Duragesic ever be cut!