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Hi There, I am just outraged by this whole thing! NOBODY should have to live with pain. Especially in this day and age with all the new technology and medications that is out there. If his one doc doesnt want to see him anymore because he doesnt want to chase the pain, well why didnt he just write a referral for your husband to go to a pain clinic and see a pain doc seeing that is what they do? Cant you just take your husband to your own personal family physician and have him treat your husband and give him something for the pain? I know that i was basically on a roller coaster with my doc and pain meds because i would be just about medicine and i would call in to get a script called in and my doc would be away for like the next to weeks so i would have to go without. So i switched to a different doc in the same office and he has been wonderful.He has been working with me on what pain meds work the best for my back pain and has been consistant with pain management. Right now i am on Bextra (anti inflammatory) 20mg. once a day, Neurontin 900mg. 3 times a day, i have a Duragesic Patch (Fentanyl) 75 mcg. i change that every 3 days and then i have percocet for break through pain. I just wish you could get his doc to write for the patch because they work great! Once you get the correct dose your husband probably wouldnt have hardly any pain at all. Wouldnt that be wonderful for him? Anyway, i would be more pushy and demanding with the doc. Your husband didnt ask for his injury and he has and deserves to live again....PAIN FREE! I wish you guys the best of luck and my sympathy goes with you, HURDY