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Could anyone tell me about the Duragesic patch as i may have to have this? In 75mg..

I thank you in advance for any help with this..

Tiddgys x

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Hi Tiddgys :wave:

Welcome to this board! I haven't been online for awhile. I had IDET surgery in December, and have been down since.

I know what you mean about the constant pain. I truly hate it! I also don't like how some people treat me about taking pain medication. I truly would not take it if I was not is soooooooooo much pain :(

Tonight I am bummed because my boyfriend is giving me a hard time about the pain, saying "everybody has back pain"... well, ummmm..... allright. Geez if he only knew. *sniff* just sad right now.

What is the Duragesic patch?? Sorry you are in pain. Only fellow chronic pain people can relate to others.

Well, hmmmmm let me think of something that could make you laugh..how about just knowing that writing to you made me feel better :) I will try and come up with a joke another time.

Take care, and best wishes for you to feel better :angel:

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Hi Tiddgys :wave:
I am no Dr. but I can only tell you what I learned about the duragesic patch, you are probably itching, and sick to your stomach because the dosage is too strong, espically to start out with. My doc said that was the side effects and espically at such a high dose, that is why my doc started me out on the smallest dose and then she will increase the strength. Maybe ask your dr. if he/she could start you out on the 25 mg. and gradually increase the strength. That should help with your side effects. What you are describing are the side effects of oxycotton and the surgesic, because they are a powerful drug, they have to be introduced into your body gradually, hope this info works. These two meds are great for chronic pain and do really help to cope with the pain, neither one completly takes the pain away but they do help, ask your dr. to reduce the mg on both meds and then gradually increase it, hope it works, I am down to 10 mg. of oxycotten since being on the patch let me know how youre doing and if you got the dosage lower, take care [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/love1.gif[/img]

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