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Hi all, we sold the home and are packing the trailer. The home was on the market for 3 days, buyer offered us more that we were advertising!!

I need a PM Doc. I have a PM Doc here in Allentown, PA for 7 years, I am on the Duragesic Patch, 75mics, Oxycodone and Tizanidine, I have bulging disc, cracked disc’s and now have degeneration disc disease and are in the need of a Good PM Doc in the Tucson Area, can anyone help me out? My Doc here is going to do nerve block before we leave and set me up with meds for the trip. We have calculated the trip should be about 4-5 days... That’s a lot of sitting!!! If you can help me email me or post, thanks for the help. We are traveling on May 1 of this year, we can not wait!! It is snowing today….