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I don't know a lot about pain management but it can include injections (yes...needles). I just made an appointment with a pain mgt center for end of this month. I will gladly let you know what I found out.

As far as the patch goes, you may be referring to the Duragesic (Fentanyl transdermal system). It comes in various strengths (25,50,75 mcg/hr). You apply it to your chest, back, upper arm (no hairy places allowed) & leave it on for 72 hours. It takes about 1 day for it to kick in when you first apply it but then it releases a consistent dose from there. I tried the 25 mcg strength but I had every side effect known to man kind(hiccoping & vomiting for starters). I work at a nursing home & it is used with success. Most doctors start out with the low dose & work you up to the high dose if needed.

I will get back to you after the 29th of this month on the Pain Management Center.


Miss Mae-

DDD L4-5, L5-S1. Degenerative endplate at L5-S1. Herniated C3-4,C5-C6, Bulging C4-C5,C6-C7.