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Hello to everyone, I have been reading your messages for the past 3 months and have finally decided to let everyone know how much I have been helped. I am ever so grateful to all of you for sharing all of your experiences. I am 34 and have had 2 surgeries last year to remove ovarian cysts in my right side (even though I have no ovaries, have had a complete hysterectomy)to no avail the cysts continue to come back. Can't do anymore surgery due to adhesions. I would have horrible pain in my right side- hip, butt, lower back, and numbness and tingling in right leg and foot. The docs (4 different ones) accused me of wanting pain pills, and that the pain was all in my head, suggested a mental doctor. I finally went to an interventional radiologist for help with cysts issue and he saw disc issues on my mri, that no one else picked up on after 9 months. He told me to check into that further. Went
for a mri on spine and was told I had moderate disc buldge at L4-L5 & moderate to severe DDD, by a doctor at a spine center. He didn't feel that this would cause pain. At this point I am ready to loose my mind. My family doc has been there for me through the entire process, only one who believes that I'm in pain and has had me on percocet 7.5/325. The pain had got worse over the months so she finally referred me to pain management clinic(took 2 months to get in). My appt with him was this week and he was the most caring doctor I have ever been to. He looked over all my reports, mri, cat scans and x- rays and did an exam. Finally I have answers, buldging disc, pirifumas syndrome, spondylosis, ilinguinal neuralgia.(Not sure about spelling). He wants me to start with water phy therapy, no injections yet, gave me tens unit and put me on neurontin, duragesic patch and percocet for breakthrough pain. I feel so much better just having answers to all my issues after a year of doctors. I have since called all the doctors who said it was in my head and that I was just seeking pain medication to let them that I truly have problems. They didn't have a alot to say, but it made me feel better. I want to thanks all of you who post daily it has really helped me get through each day. I have used alot of the advice to get to where I am at this point. I don't have a complete understanding of all my issues but am confident my family and pain management doc will help me to get to the point of feeling better. Sorry this was soo long but I wanted to tell my story and possibly help someone else.
P.s. the cysts are back (4) but that is another whole issue to deal with, they are on the nerve in my lower pelvic area. All of you, my back buddies are in my prayers.

Jody in Ohio