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GBR and Baxter :wave:

Baxter, you and I have been in the same boat this whole time. I know you are probably like me, and playing hero with the pain. Just hang in there. The doc has now put me on the Duragesic Patch. I am one day into it, so not sure if it helps.

I am glad you have LTD. I am looking at only two, or three more checks from STD then I am out of money :eek: We must find the strength. Hang in there, as will I. I also peep in on the board every now and then to see how you are doing. I pray we will soon be good. Posting Inspiring thoughts to other people. :angel:

GBR!!! I am saddened. I look in the IDET club and it is silent as a mouse! I came over here for instant gratification, and warm fuzzies :) This board always delivers!

Hope to hear from you and Cuda, and Telzey soon. I am not doing so good. Haven't been able to be too mobile. I will write IDET soon. In the meantime, did you all come up with some other form of communication that this bird on the wire can't bend her ear to? [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/gabby.gif[/img] Hope to hear from everyone soon.

Love to you and Baxter.

[img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/heart.gif[/img] cj

Hi everyone! :wave:

Sorry, I have not been on the boards very much lately.

Baxter, I am so sorry to hear that you are getting closer to the end of your financial rope. That is just so unfair! After all you've been through, and all you've done to help others... I am praying for a karmic rebalancing for you... so that you receive a financial windfall from an unexpected but welcome direction :)

May 27, eh? Well, I hope these doctors spend some time thinking about all the pain and disability you have, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR GOODNESS SAKE! It just seems to me that they are not doing enough for you.

GBR, my dear! Been missing you! Well, I hope you have a FABULOUS trip... that sounds like SO much fun. You deserve it! Have some rest and relaxation and then come back and tell us all about it.

CJ! I have been thinking exactly the same as you. But I have not been on the computer much, except at work, where I can't post personal stuff. I have been working loooong hours, 12-13 hour days, ouch!

So, do tell if the Duragesic Patch helps you! I certainly hope so. It is time for you to have some relief!!!

Actually, my latest set of exercises seems to be helping me. (I almost hate to say that because I'm afraid I'll end up flaring again... :( ) But over the past two or three days, with the gentle stretching I have been doing, I have felt the tightness near the skin of my lower back ease, and I have regained some of my flexibility in forward bends. I can tie my shoes again!!!! :) And.... the pain and numbness in my buttocks and legs is GONE.

Who knows, maybe it will come back. But it is a pleasant surprise to have it gone all day! Extra surprising because my period came today and I am normally a LOT WORSE during that time.

I did have a couple of spasms today at the old low back site, just like the old pre-IDET days. Yeee-owwww! So I skipped my walk today. However, I do have to say I'm starting to feel closer to how I felt before the IDET. Maybe within a few weeks or a month I'll be back to feeling the same as pre-IDET. [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif[/img] At this point that feels like really good news.

So.... the IDET is maybe just going to be a six-month setback, not a permanent change to my back....

We'll see.

Hoping for healing for everyone on these boards, and especially to Baxter, Lynn, GBR, and CJ!
[img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/heart.gif[/img] Telzey

4 years of back pain
Annular tear L5-S1 diagnosed 5/02 via MRI
IDET 12/2/02
1/26/03 Posterior disc prolapse occurs after sitting too long after walking. Causes new pain down left leg.
3/1/03 Leg pain reduced with exercises from the book "Treat Your Own Back" by Robin McKenzie.
3/9/03 Lateral disc prolapse causes buttock and thigh pain and numbness.
3/25/03 Used McKenzie techniques to treat disc prolapse -- pain reduced
4/4/03 Started physical therapy
5/8/03 Still worse than pre-IDET, but showing slow improvement with PT, McKenzie exercises, yoga, and Hanna Somatics exercises