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Hi, wondering if anyone out there knows of something that may help me.

I suffered a compression fracture (t12) two years ago just before being diagnosed with breast cancer. The fracture was caused by me coughing when I had bronchitis; we think the cancer caused osteoporosis. Anyhooo, because I was starting chemo, the oncologist said no doc would touch me. To deal, I was put on a narcotic pain patch (duragesic) and told to wait until after all done with cancer treatment. I did have a spinal biopsy and found no evidence of metastasis.

So, here I am after chemo, surgery & radiation and still dealing with terrible back pain. Turns out the fracture healed then compressed again, and now is healed improperly. I have a lump now on my spine where the break was. i guess the upside is that the doc said it's so compressed that it really can't go any farther.

Any ideas? Phys. therapy helped, but not enough. My doc says it's too late for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty (sp?).

Thanks all.