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Thanks for you funny (and true) response successtory. SOme of the things I do each day to hopefully deal with the pain are: Biofeedback, which is learning to be aware of your body and what is going on, and relaxing tense areas and visualizing your breathing as going into the "bad" areas and bringing healing oxygen. I also do relaxation tapes and other visualization. I taught a relaxation group for a time. I've tried the TENS units. Massage therapy, physical therapy, water therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, stretching, and use a big therapy ball at times. I'm open to just about anything! All of the above help to a certain degree, but at times I feel like I spend the whole day breathing, visualizing and relaxing! My doctor has nixed the morphine pump, says it's not for patients like me. He's also nixed the Duragesic patch. I'm not giving up though! I WILL have some semblance of my old life back one of these days! (and I will be more forceful with my neurosurgeon at our next meeting). I also take Trazadone to help me sleep. I was taking Ambien, but started having sleep walking episodes. The Trazadone seems to work just as well. Thanks for the help and the smiles. Take care, see you :round:

Find something positive everyday!

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