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I posted below about my Sever Back Pain, I forgot to ask my docter put me on the Duragesic Patches. But after 3 months using them non-stop Like the docter said to use them I became so addicted that I quit them cold turkey it took a month of people helping me to stay away from them, Also I think it was making my B.P go really high, but now that I'm off of them now 3 months my B.P is still high. Also my docter wants me back on the patches. Has anyone on here heard of the patches and is anyone here on them, My docter I've been seeing since last November said it really helps to be on them becuase he said I have chronic back pain. Please does anyone know? I am only 20.

I was on Duragesic Patches for a short time and then the Pain Management Physician changed me over to Oxycotin and Oxycodone for break through. I have a lot less problems with the Oxycotin than the Duragesic Patches.
If you have meds that will take care of the pain and have made the decision to live with the fact that you might be dependent on them, you will have less pain and will eventually come to terms with the morality or whatever hangups there is taking medication that will make you dependent on it. We take meds to kill pain not to get high. This is the disctinciton that you must keep in mind. You are not considered addicted you are considered having pain maintenance.

2 Cervical surgies w/fuson 1986
lumbar partial disectomy April 1992 & 2002
3 AVM Brain surgeries January 1993
continous neck and lumbar
pain.Pain going down both legs. Migraine
headaches 2 or 3 times a week. Unable to work