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I have to vent the pain today is so bad I cant stand it! I dont know if is because Im not sleeping or what.
It started last nite and has been getting worse My legs are killing me and I can hardly walk just to chair and bathroom. The left legs seems to be to be worse kind of like its num and I have to drag it?
Called the Dr she said Im on the strongest pain med and they cant give me any thing else its called DURAGESIC PATCH. Then they said the only time I really need to come in for a emergency is if I have bowle problems it sucks. They also said that hot or cold packs will help. Having DDD has been hell and it seems that after the dr say you just have to live with the pain they mean it but im the one that crys because of it im the one that feels like Im nuts and the pain is all in my head. Im 39 years old and I feel like my life is over. Well Im sorry for venting this but if I held it in any longer Im going to burst.

Can anyone tell me more about droppedfoot? Thanks for listening Kathy