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I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he called me today with the results.He had first sent me to the hospital for xrays of my ribs to rule out any fractures. He then ordered an MRI for me. This revealed that I have osteoporosis and my ribs are definitely thinning. For the pain he has put me on the Duragesic patch which is helping a lot and I just started it today. Since I also suffer from Reflux, I have been unable to take the oral medications.( I had a bone density test a couple years ago and had tried Actonel and fosamax. They caused so much reflux and were causing swallowing difficulties that I had to stop them). My Dr. told me today his nurses will contact me tomorrow to set up a time to teach me to give myself injections for the osteoporosis. :eek: I do not like needles!! I will need a daily injection. I am going to drag my husband along and maybe he can learn to give them to me.
I am still a bit confused about how this bone thinning is causing so much pain if there is no fracture. Tuesday was my 52nd birthday; I quit smoking two years ago, started taking calcium with vitamin D, try to drink fatfree milk every day, and I started working out at the gymn 2 hours Monday through Saturday. I have been trying to do the right things. I know the years of smoking have taken their toll. I have never used alcholic drinks.
My mother has suffered from osteoporosis in recent years, but she did not have problems until she was in her 70s. She is now 96. I am really in the dumps over this diagnosis. Doctors tell me that I am young to have so many health conditions that usually do not occur until people are older. That does not give me much comfort.I would like to hear from others who have thinning bones and if anyone has taken the injections and if it helps reduce their pain.I am sorry this is so long, but I need encouragement! Thanks to all who have taken the time to share their experiences.
Hi there, I have chronic cardiac pain and I am allergic to most pain killers. My pain Consultant put me on Duragesic patches and to tell the truth they have cut my attednaces to hiospital down drastically. There are sometimes I have to go to A&E for i.v Morphine.

This has caused me to be treated as a drugs addict by some doctorsn of which is untrue and a slur against me.

I have the suuport of my G.P. but he cannot help me as soon as I go through the hospital doors he can't.

Many times I have felt like ripping the patch off and throwing it away.
I feel like baning my head of a brick wall, and it has brought me to tears when people who are meant to respect you and help you accuse you of being into drugs.

Duragesic is a fantastic evalution in pain medication. :)