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I've had conic pain for 10 yrs following L4/L5 laminectomy. Recently, have been put on 20mg every 12 hrs of oxycontin that has worked well except it makes me feel tired and quite medicated.

I'm now going to fuse my back, and one of the surgeons said that pain management post surgery would be a problem because of using long acting pain relievers (duragesic patch @ 20m, for about 6 months, and then oxycontin for last 4 months.

First question is, is it true that pain management would be a problem because of being used to it?

Second question, if yes, how long do I have to be off them before surgery (I still work full time and it will not be easy to tolerate the pain)?

Finally, What is the best way to get taper down. I've read so many things, and I get symptoms just at the end of the 12hrs now.

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