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I had a spinal cord compression between T5 & T6. They removed most of the herniated disc, leaving a small portion to maintain spacing between these vertebre. The surgery was over 2 years ago and I have since become disabled due to severe chronic pain. I am on Duragesic patches, Neurontin and Norco for BT pain. I continue to have pain and am now experiencing problems with my breathing. My doctor says the space in this area of my spine as become smaller. She feels the remaining disc has shrunk and I probably have scare tissue in this area. Because the affected area of my spine controls the chest muscles, she feels that my breathing problems are related to this. My lungs are clear but the muscles in that area are not allowing them to expand and contract properly. She is referring me to a Neurosurgeon to consider putting a plate in that area, which is what the original neurosurgeon had suggested prior to my surgery. Has anyone with thoracic problems had trouble breathing? The thought of going through surgery again scares me to death as this area of the spine is high in risk factors. I would really appreciate any replies relating to this problem or other problems relating to my kind of surgery.

Thank you!

Linda C