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Mary Anne,

Chances are the name of your meds is "Duragesic." The Duragesic patches come in 25, 50 and 100 mics. It takes about 12 hours for them to get into the bloodstream once applied to the skin and they are to be changed approx. every 3 days. In my case, I wore them once for 15-days straight (prior to my fusion) and when I came off them, I had horrible withdrawel effects which seem to be common place with this narcotic. Post surgery I was given a 1-month supply of them but refused to use them.

It's easy to apply, just put it on an area where you have smooth skin, many people put it on the upper arm, do not put it in the same place back to back...alternate arms if you choose this area, in my case I was able to take other meds while on the patch however, as with any med, you should call the pharmacy or your doctor to confirm since they know you better than we do.

Hope this helps,

"Duragesic" is in fact a "Fentanyl" narcotic. In this form it's known as, a "Transdermal-Systemic." I'm enclosing for your review the following:

The transdermal system (skin patch) form of fentanyl is used to treat chronic pain (pain that continues for a long time).

Fentanyl acts in the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain. Some of its side effects are also caused by actions in the CNS.

When a narcotic is used for a long time, it may become habit-forming (causing mental or physical dependence). However, people who have continuing pain should not let the fear of dependence keep them from using narcotics to relieve their pain. Mental dependence (addiction) is not likely to occur when narcotics are used for this purpose. Physical dependence may lead to withdrawal side effects if treatment is stopped suddenly. However, severe withdrawal side effects can usually be prevented by reducing the dose gradually over a period of time before treatment is stopped completely.

This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription. Prescriptions for transdermal fentanyl cannot be refilled. You will need to obtain a new prescription from your doctor each time you need the medicine.

Hope this helps. Either way it's going to be similar in nature more than likely.