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I was diagnosed in July of this year. My pain started in May, so I got diagnosed fairly quickly. I was given an injection called a chondra block. My Pain Dr. told me I may need another if the first one did not work or if the pain came back. It helped some and I am planning to call for an appointment for the next injection next week. The next injection he said he will do with xray to guide the needle. He said I would not need sedation..wanna bet?? The first one hurt enough and the next one will go deeper. I do not like needles in any circumstances, so that is a big reason for the delay..It is nice to share experiences with others with this condition, but a bit depressing seeing how long some have suffered.

My PM had prescribed Duragesic patches for the pain, but I stopped using them as they made me too drowsy. I did not like not being in control. He then prescribed the awful VIoxx and had taken me off them 2 weeks later as it raised my BP 22 points. That was a month ago, and my BP still is not down to where it was before the Vioxx. :o