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OK EVERYONE, i will give you all the facts and then maybe you all might be able to pin point my problem better!

A few years ago i was feeling very fatigued and low energy, at times it felt like my heart just had to work overtime for me to do anything!!! I just turned 36 yesterday! I was wondering if it might be my bloodpressure, went to the docs and it was high so i was started on a low dose BP med. That just didnt help, still felt the same way.

Then wouldnt ya know it, i herniated discs in my neck. I sufferred with the pain for a little while because i basically went undiagnosed. I eventually couldnt take the pain anymore and was put on narcotic pain killers. Everyone told me that with taking the med i would be even more tired. Well, the complete opposite. They helped the pain tremendously as well as gave me energy and made me feel like my old self. Due to a few factors..... i remained on the narcotic pain killers on and off for the past 3 years. I had so much pain and i could not afford surgery because i had no health insurance. Then i was able to have the surgery last April, now i am sorry that i did because the pain in my neck is much worse now than before the surgery. I am still having some tests to find out why the pain is still there. Even during the times that i was narcotic free i would just go back to the same way i felt in the beginning.
This past year the docs just went overboard with the pain meds, so now i am working on getting off all meds. I have also given up the BP pills and have been able to remain stable. I was way up on a high dose of 75mcgs. of a Duragesic patch, which did not make me tired either. Anyways i am completely off the narcotic pain pills and am weaned all the way down to 25mcg of the duragesic patch. So I will sum it all up:

I dont have much of an appetite, so for breakfast and lunch
I will drink a can of ENSURE. Then eat a small dinner.

Medications: Cymbalta 60mgs. (anti-depressant)
Duragesic Patch 25mcg. (changed Q 3 days)

Vitamins & Supplements: Complete Multi-vitamin
Vitamin B-12 complex
Spirolina (3 pills a day)

General Health: I have the constant neck pain, as well as i have
chronic back pain and sometimes my hips will
hurt as well. If i walk to much or do anything
that requires a slight over usage of my muscles
I will hurt for days, I will feel like i worked out at
a gym!!!!! Also for example: like if i run into the
store to get a gallon of milk, if i carry it or hold
it to long, when i put it down my arm will be very
shakey. It is really bad!

Lifestyle: I have a alot of stress all the time! I am a full time
mom of 5 kids of my own and then my best friend
past away a few short months ago and now i am
starting all over again because i now am raising her
two small children ages 4 and 7. I also am on call
alot and do prehospital emergency care. I have the
financial stress that alot of people do these days.
I had become sooo depressed and had been on
Lexapro for a long time, when the depression
became more than i could bare a month ago that
is when i was put on the Cymbalta, which is
working very well.

I have looked up the Chronic Fatigue symptoms and i have sooo many that it is scary. I tried to talk to my doc about it but i dont really think he believes that it even exists. He wants to do a bunch of tests and i just dont have any insurance at this time. So far he did bloodwork for something with my muscles and that was ok. He also checked my Thyroid and that was ok, as i have not been notified of otherwise as of yet. I am just soooo tired of being tired and feeling soooooo yucky ALL THE TIME.

ValleyGurl (Wendy)