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[QUOTE=Miss Idaho]Is there anyone applying for SSD for Peripheral Neuropathy. The kind that affects your nerves called RADICULOPATHY? I have a severe case of it.
It is listed on the Social Security list of diseases. I just was wondering
if any of you have been succesful. I can't walk and both legs and feet are numb. My feet feel freezing both burning too. I have had 9 surgeries on my back and neck with severe damage in my nerves. Can you help?

Deb :wave:

I am so very sorry of what you have had to go through-- I do know your pain well-
I am in the same situation that you are, I have been dealing with this for 3 years now, I have had 3 surgeries to date on my back, the 2nd was a fusion of L5-S1, August of 2003 (failed of course)

What happened was when they did the fusion, one of the screws was just a tad too close to the sciatic nerve and it was litteraly conducting "electric pulses" down my butt, legs and feet. my surgean said "oh don't worry this is typical after this surgery and it will take time to heal---> by December of 2003, the pain was extreme that I just could not take it anymore, so my surgeon said let's take 2 of the screws out,

We did, and to date I have had such extreme pain that I thought that I would contemplate suicide as well, By leaving the screws in there for so long, it actually damaged the nerve to the point of irreversible and permanant.

I was on so many pain killers and NOTHING was taking it away, My doctor finally suggested one more last effort to ease this pain-- He said let's try the DURAGESIC PATCH. You change it every 3 days

I take 100mg and 1200 mgs of NEURONTIN and this has been the only thing that has helped, it does not take it ALL away, but it does make it bearable to at least feel "functional" to some degree-- I no longer have to take the oxycontin, methadone and Oxycodone!!! (((yeaaaaaaaa!!))

I get the patches and neurontin free from the pharmaceutical companies so it makes life much easier to deal with---

As far as the disability question you asked --- I am happy to say after 2 denials and a hearing with the ALJ- The ALJ hearing resulted in a OTR (On The Record) FULLY FAVORABLE decision from the judge on August 26th this year, I am now just waiting for the benefits to kick in----

SOooooo,,,, PLEASE by all means HANG IN THERE-- it is tough and frustrating but I know exactly what you are feeling and I know there is light for you further down the road, It is just sad that SSA allows us to suffer they way that they do and prolong it to a degree of poverty and homelessness---

It makes me really angry that our Government can find the resources very quickly to help other nations when they are in dismay but when it comes to our own people we are basically abandoned by our government-- it is a sad little game they play indeed!

I wish you so much happiness and I will keep you in my prayers, in the mean time DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!,,, if you do,,,, THEY WIN!!!

This is why this board is here, we are here as a group to help each other, this is a very lonely and heartbreaking process and we need each other's strength to help us through!! GOD BLESS

Hugs to you --- ANGEL
[QUOTE=Miss Idaho] So now they want to try putting in a spinal stimulator implant. Now this is scary. Have you heard of such a thing? How can I get my neurotin and pathches paid for?

Hey Deb :wave:

I can't say that I have heard of a stimulator implant, in my opinion, the last thing in the world I would want to do, is stimulate those pesky little nerves even more than what they are. :nono: .

I have heard of a "pain Pump" that is inserted into your back/abdomen to help ease the pain----------

As far as the Neurontin and the Duragesic, I will enclose the direct link to each pharmaceutical company's patient assistance program- there you can get the details of what you have to do.





Let me know if this helps!
Hugs ---> Sherrie