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I know how it feels to wonder if you're overmedicated. My current meds are
Cymbalta 60mg (anti depressant, supposed to help nerve pain)
Elavil 50mg (old school anti depressant, used to aid in sleep and to help pain)
Percocet 5mg (3-4 a day)
Duragesic 25mcg (painkiller patch)
Valium 5mg (up to 3x a day)

It scares me to think of what could happen. My pain doc has given me all of these meds and seems to think it's ok, but I think I'm on too much medicine!! It's not helping with the pain, my body has built up a tolerance. But I don't want more pain meds, I want results.

Sometimes I think the easiest thing for a doc to do is just write a script. But what about long term damage?? What about addiction potential??

I think many people in this country are probably heavily medicated or overmedicated...You are not alone.

I suffer from anxiety, depression and chronic pain from a car accident, so even though we have different problems, I can empathize. I used to cut myself, so I know about the self harm stuff. Hopefully you are feeling better. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone !