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I also have herniations at T11-T12 without cord compression thankd GOD. My surgeon stated that if cord compression was an issue surgery would be done. I am not sure if we are allowed to write doctors names here so please inform me of that. I know of several surgeons that peform these surgeries.
Yes they are very serious...... a cardio/thoriac surgeon must be called in along with a neuro or orthopedic spinal specialist. HSS in NYC has the best thoracic dept in the United States. I would give it a try. I suffer daily from pain and have learned to live with it.
Whoever wrote "doctor scared that you will get addicted to pain meds" well you should go see a pain management doctor. There is no reason why you should suffer every day in pain cause your doctor thinks that. That subject I will address in another thread because it would take me 5 pages to write my views on that topic. I am on duragesic patches, oxycodone, valium for pain. I have had 3 c-spine Failed surgeries, 1 L-spine surgery, 1 staph infection and still need more surgery. Yes... my body IS addicted to pain meds but I do NOT take them to get HIGH.