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I shattered both my ankles in 1998 in an accident. The Dr has rebuilt both but now have sever Arthritis in both ankles. My left ankle is much worse than the right. I have been taking heavy narcotic medication for the past 5 years. I've gone to pain specialists, I've had several surgeries to remove the arthritis that has formed but it keeps coming back. Each time the pain in my left ankle has gotten worse. I now take 200 micrograms per hour of Duragesic ( pain patchs), I take Morphine and Demoral when the patch doesn't work. I have been talking with my Dr about the removal of my left foot but I keep running into ethical issues. The Dr. tells me it is a good foot with good blood flow and feeling and won't amputate. The quality of lfie I have right now is minimal at best. I feel that amputation is going to be the answer I am looking for. I can get into more detail as to why I think that if anyone asks. I am looking for anyone who might have some suggestions as to where I can go or who I can see to get this procedure done. Living on narcotic drugs is no way to live. However if I didn't take the drug I wouldn't walk at all. With the prosthetic limbs today I would be able to have a better live and be able to keep up with my kids better than I can now. If there are any suggestions I would be glad to hear what you have to say.

Thanks Barbie, I have done plenty of research on phantom pain. I have also noticed that well over 90% of the people that has lost a limb was due to a traumatic accident of some kind or another. I feel that since it is my decision to have my foot removed the phantom pain will be at a minimum if any at all. Phantom pain in a mental projection of what is missing. Usually because most people aren't ready to lose their limb their brain hasn't let it go. I feel that going into an operation with the mindset that the limb is going to be gone that the mind will be able to let it go more readily. please if you don't agree with this let me know your thoughts.

I have thought about getting one of the pain pumps. My Dr doesn't think that it willb e in my best interest. since I am already taking Morphine, Demoral, and the Duragesic at a dose higher than anyone else I've seen He doesn't feel the pump is going to be that much more of a pain reliever for me.