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hi all i was just wondering how many people take ACTIQ lollipop like i do in
conjunction with DURAGESIC patch?,Ive been in pain for 3 years until i started taking these meds,they have been a miracle pain killer for me without making me unpaired :P I'm now able to live a pretty decent life.the only problem for me is if i run out the withdrawal :dizzy: is very painful it feels like the left side of my brain swells up but thats only if i run out of meds,so i was just wondering if you haven't heard of them ask your doctor :)
wow, youre on the top shelf meds. those pops are super, super strong.. usually only cancer patients get them. the risk of overdose makes them very rare to have.

be very careful. one pop is like 120 percocets or something like that isnt it (600 microgram pop)?

even duragesic patches are fairly rare.. youre on 100 microgram ones? again, usually only cancer patients are on them.

you might be better off asking in the pain management section, some folks there may be on them. I very much doubt anyone here in the back pain section uses them.