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hello all,
i am suffering from major issues with my vertebre c3-c7 due to degenrative disk disease: i have left side froma narrowing, osteophyte complex on c4-c6, spondylosis and herniations on c5-c7. Three surgeons (Neuro and Ortho) have all recomended a 4 level discetomy with fusion using bone-bank bone. I am only 34 and this is all quite terrifying to me. i am sure will have to have the surgery soon due to the nerve pain and mobility issues i am having.

i am on 50 mcg duragesic patch and vicoden 750 for BT pain. this all helps to some extent but i am not able to move around very much and cannot pick up my little guy anymore (he is about 30 pounds) and nighttime is the worst for me.

My 4 year old son is terribly concerned about my pain and has started expressing how much he wishes he could "fix my neck". i am very worried about him. i have told him "mommy's neck hurts now but will not hurt forever. i will be going to the hospital so that the doctors can fix me soon."

i am really worried about the surgery myself but have not expressed that to him. he just sees me in pain and wants to help. his empathy is very sweet but i am worried about him and how he can understand all of this.

i dont know how to express to him that he doesnt need to worry since he has seen me in pain for the past year but i was wondering if anyone else has advice on how to talk about chronic pain with a small child.

thanks so much for any advice!