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Wow, I cant belive how quickly you guys went back to work. I had a 2 level ALIF on dec. 6th of 2006. I am still out of work. I went to the neurosurgeon on May 6th who says i still cannot even start physical therapy. I have to go back on july 17th for another visit with the neurosurgeon with another CT scan and extension flexion xrays. I dont think I could go back at this point still. I still have pain with certain movements and pain when i wake up in the morning, from being stiff and such.
I dont even know at this point if i can go back to my prior job, paramedic. We have to lift sometimes in excess of 300-400 lbs. between the both of us. I dont want to have had to go through this surgery for nothing.

The doctor still has me on heavy duty meds because of the pain. I am on 50 mcg duragesic changed every 2 days and i take 600 mcg actiq up to 6 a day if needed.

I guess i am just in awe of someone going back to work even at 6 weeks. I remember how long the scar took just to not hurt.

Ugghhh.... Good luck with your recovery. Im not saying anything to try to scare anyone, only to inform of my experience of having an ALIF.