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Well here is my story itis quite lenty but i will try to make it as short as possible.
First of all I am so angry I cant type well so i may have some mistyped words sorry.

I went today to have my discogram done at the hospital, I waited 2 hours to be called in because the md had a emergency case, I can understand that and I had forgot my labs that needed to be drawn a week ago so had to rush to lab and get them done, mind you i can hardly walk.
So let me get to the meat of the story, they got me wheeled back to the ct room, everything started nicely, nice nurse, assistants,etc and md too, she started IV, md got my consent and the placed me on my stomach on the ct table to do some ct, after a while still being nice the doc came out of the ct room and said sorry hon, you are too big for the needles at this time, therefore we cannot perform the procedure until you lose the desired weight your md wants you to order. Now mt surgeon told me 60lbs and his note says 100 lbs i do not know what to do, i am in so much pain. But I quess like the doc told me it would not have mattered what the disco said because there is no way they can operate on me now.
I am sad and hurt because my surgeon should have waited till august a month before surgery to schedule this and save me all the fear and embarassment.
I am living in agony, I am trying so hard to lose weight but nothing is happening. I started medifast yesterday and I pray it works.
Has this happened to anyone else, the other facility on monday did not have a problem doing my ct myelogram so I am just mad and sad at the same time. I am sorry guys. I just wish I did not have to be at this awful plae in my life right now.

Oh and lets not forget my parents not really understanding my pain, i guess i will have to grin and bear it around them to, only if they knew! I took my duragesic patch off on purpose today, I have to beat this guys ihave too, it is taken control over my life.

Sorry for the long thread I just could not wait to get home and vent to you guys You all are the only ones who really understand me. Thanks for allowing me to vent again.
Rachel(the fat girl who gained most of her weight not eating but by meds):mad: