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Thanks to you all, I mean you all are on point with your responses and all of them had hit home. I am currently in therapy but sometimes i feel i might need more extensive therapy. I just started the Pain mangement 2 weeks ago and I will meet with their psych md in 2 weeks, also I am seeing another doc with the same qualifactions at a separate facilty all within the same med group, and I just started with a social worker or therapist to talk too, but i feel i need to see her more frequently. I get scared at times because at my lowest points I feel suicidal and I dont like that feeling, it scares the crap out of me.

My family says I am a totally different person and that I am hard to talk to because now my understanding is terrible, I guess thet may say something and I totally misinterpret what was said and get upset. Is it the meds? I dont know what happened, I miss my friends but like some of you said they werent real friends anyway.

I may not get the surgery in sept. because I feel like if I cannot get the disco gram because of my weight then I dont want something to make me worse. I want to know the culprit of this leg pain that is constantly with me, it is driving me insane, but I am going to find out what is causing this they have to do something. I made up with my family and I will just keep my mouth shut from now own you know just lay low to avoid anymore fights or misunderstandings, because while I am here I cannot take anymore stress, I want to go back to work but the pain is so bad and I am on duragesic patch, now what I would like to know if I only have sprain from what the pm doc said and my leg pain is not related then why would they give me such strong meds and now they say it is bursistis just trying to give another dx that is not back related, I no I need a lawyer and best believe I will be getting one on monday.
Thanks you all for your love and support:angel: