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My name is Jennifer, I'm newly married (2 months) a few days short of 31 years old and 5 months post surgical with a L4/5 L5/S1 two level fusion in February 2007. Prior to the fusion I had several epidural/facet injections, radiofrequency ablation and two hemilamenectomy's (one in September 2006 and the other in November 2006). I ended up re-herniating both discs after the hemi's therefore proceeded to the fusion. I've had NO pain relief from the fusion and have been told by my neurosurgeon as well as my husband who is a physical therapist, that I'm still recovering from the fusion as well as the back to back surgeries prior. I had an extension/flexion xray last week and the results are nonremarkable. The majority of my pain is centralized to my left hip and buttock area - my spine, the area that should really hurt really doesn't bother me all that much...

What I've tried...as I said my husband is a physical therapist and orthopedic clinical specialist...I'm therapied out...I get stretched and moved and cranio-sacraled all the time to no avail. I've recently started a massage regimen per recommendation from my neurosurgeon and am trying to be more active walking nightly besides my PT regime, however, it's really too soon to tell if it's helping. I've also reduced my work hours to 20/week per my surgeon as the pain was controllable when I was not working...I was back for 2 weeks of part time, got married, and then back 50+ from there on out. Looking to see if two weeks of not sitting the entire day makes a difference in my pain level as I have a sedentary position.

My biggest concern, pain relief yes...but...HOW WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO GET PREGNANT WITH THIS PAIN?

I've read some of the past posts on pregnancy post fusion, however, they were quite old so I thought I'd look to those who asked the questions way back when and maybe have had their own experience since, as well as anyone who will contribute with any advice.

I'm currently on a Fentanyl 25mcg Duragesic Patch changing every 72 hours. I've been sporadically taking Celebrex 100mg once per day and sometimes I think it helps, other times it just hurts my stomach...I'm also concernend that I'm diminishing the 'inflammatory environment' that my lovely bone stimulator has created to help my spine fuse. I've been doing everything in my power to not take Vicodin as it really doesn't do a whole lot to help with my pain...I understand the ramifications of these types of medication and pregnancy - my primary concern with reducing the pain and getting off of everything completely, however, I'm looking for some anecdotal experience in getting better and GETTING PREGNANT.

I'm sorry if this comes off as rambling, but I'm so antsy to start a family and the thought that I may have to wait a few more years when time is of the essence is so frustrating. I'm also concerned that my life without medication for pain intervention and management will never be possible, therefore, leading to the possiblity of never being able to even think of getting pregnant.

Any thoughts, advice, knowledge, resources are greatly appreciated.