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What is pars defect? I dont know...

So it has been more then 6 months since your surgery or longer? I am glad it has helped you. I am so tired of it hurting, the MRI's do not show that much of a change but I feel worse lately.

I am not doing a trial, my Dr suggested this back in January of 2006. I just have been trying everything else first (and fighting with WC to get them to approve it which they just did on Friday)! I have even been working out in the gym my surgeon owns that is specifically for back patients. The gym has helped me feel better, but the pain is still there. I have talked to a few of his patients there but none of them have had dynesys with 3 levels so I wondered if I could find someone online that did...

My Dr has done a lot of Dynesys patients though, I have met several 1 level dynesys and a couple two level dynesys patients of his, but no 3 level patients yet. The Dr said though in the last year and half since he suggested it he said they improved the screws where they actually now contain some bone growth thing that makes them more sturdy and not move around, which sounds GOOD to me, I sure dont want something moving around back there after I get this done!

Are you pain free or without meds at the moment,,, or should I not ask that question? I take pain meds, but only a little, I was on the duragesic patch for over a year, but I am now just taking pills. I just hate the way opiate pain meds make me feel in the head, even as little as I take they mess with my thinking. I am only 33 and it's like I feel like im 63 sometimes with this back... I am really hoping this will help.... I dont know when surgery is yet, I have to call again tomorrow but they said within a few weeks after it is approved.

Thanks for answering questions :)