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I guess I should go back and read your original post....but I'm being very lazy tonight! Let me get this straight: You are currently on a 50 mcg/h fentanyl patch and you want to find another drug that you can take that will help your existing pain as well as diminish the withdrawal symptoms from the fentanyl patch? The suboxone (sp?) wouldn't be a good idea as long as you are still on the patch. You must be in all-out withdrawals before you can switch to that drug or you will REALLY be a sick puppy. But, if you can tolerate 48-72 hours of withdrawal symptoms after removing the patch, then you can start the sub. I'm not really sure what the half-life of fentanyl is, but I was just taken off of it about 10 days ago. I was using the Duragesic 100 mcg/h patch for about a year and taking about 150mg of oxycodone a day on top of that. I wanted to get off the patch so my doc had me go from the 100 to the 75 for 2 days, then the 50 for 2 days, then the 25 for 2 days and then nothing. Of course I was still using the oxycodone so I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms. I agree that you should work with your psych doc or an addictionologist to get you off the patch and onto something weaker. Tramadol is a good choice. Why do you say that you are stuck at the 50 mcg/h patch? Why haven't you gone down to the 25? Then you can go to the 12.5 I believe. Good luck to you!! Memere (K'mac) Waving at Fabby & Marcia :cool: