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My apologies for the ramble...

-29yr old female, mother of 2
-congenital arachnoiditis, diastematomyelia, spinal stenosis, DDD, arthritis, fibromyalgia (as stated by neurologist, b/c he can't seem to refer me to a rheumatologist), neuritis in both feet, ulcers in left foot due to abnormal bone structure, shortened left leg, smaller left foot, decreased feeling (pressure and temp) in left leg, hammertoes (left)
-TMJ, chronic headaches (tension, migraine, and arachnoidal)
-absence seizures
-panic and depression, mild agoraphobia
-occasional costochondritis
-GERD and gastritis which have ceased almost completely since I went completely vegan a year or more ago
-normally low blood pressure
-tinnitis; almost total blindness in right eye due to an un-necessary surgery when I was 7yrs old to remove metal (that wasn't there) from my eye... had been infected for months, so dr's assumed something was in there... turned out to be keratitis, and now my cornea is scarred, and gets more scarred with each viral flare-up

-surgeries (beyond wisom teeth) - cysts removed from spine and 2 thoracic spinous processes removed in 1975, eye surgery in 1982, ovary, appendix and ovarian cyst removed in 1987, cyst removed from right armpit in 1993, ovarian cyst and 1/3 of ovary removed in 1994, infected cystic mass (drs unsure) removed from left breast in 2001 ... {had been considering corneal transplant surgery, but I've opted against that}

-today I am unmedicated... having gone off panic meds voluntarily, anti-viral meds due to their cost, and due to the fact that my GP will not help with my pain and the neurologist tells me to see the GP for refills on my former duragesic prescription, which ran out around Christmastime. ER dr's tell me to see the GP or neurologist, and are of little help.

-I used to work... I was a student at a private college for massage therapy... now I cannot pick up my children, sit for longer than an hour, stand for more than 10 minutes, or even sleep through the night due to pain.

Good heavens this is long... I guess I'm just grateful for the place to let it all out. My condolences to anyone who actually read this. :o