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Lou- It may be that Oxycodone just doesn't work for you. You may need to try something else, such as the Duragesic patch...It releases meds every hour for 48-72 hours...Many PM patients change every 48...Although your Doc may start you at 72.

I don't get all the symptoms you describe from Oxy, but I do get the sweating and the anxiety. Once it wears of (2 hrs or so), it goes away. I've never had anything remotely from fentanyl.

Docs today (in general) would rather not script OC, so yours may be happy to move to the patch.

Just a suggestion........

Good luck.

I think it is definitely time for a different LA(long acting) medication for you siince the Oxycontin is not agreeing with you. Here are the list of LA meds that you could possibly take:

morphine based - MS Contin, Kadian, Avinza

oxymorphone - Opana


fentanyl based - fentanyl patch (Sandoz(generic), Mylan(generic), Watson(generic), or Duragesic(brand) - I take the Sandoz brand and have success with it. Many people do not have good luck with the Mylan brand and steer clear of it. However, everyone reacts differently so make up your own mind concerning it

I would suggest not taking Percocet either, although you may have find a differnt BT med as well but there are BT meds containing the same active ingredients as the LA verisons (ie. morphine, oxymorphone, fentanyl). You may want to seriously try either Methadone or fentanyl patch, just my suggesting. Good luck and let us know what you do ok?

[QUOTE=mewcamaro;3549925]Hi Lou - I have had the same problem with oxys, I have been taken them since June 07, 40mg 2x a day, along with Vicaden 7.50 every 4 hours, Vallium 5 mg 3x a day and depression meds. I found that the oxys were not holding my pain for the 12 hours and told my doctor.

At my last visit he switched me to Opana ER 20 mg 2x a day, did nothing for me. Called him and he upped the mg to 40 now 2x a day along with all the other meds. I'm not sure if its still any better since I'm still in pain 24/7. He told me the Opana is supposed to last longer and control the pain better. I don't know, I just need to find the right drugs that will at least give me some relief, because as it is now I can't take it some days.Marie

Marie, I dont know if you have ever tried the fentanyl patch(Duragesic) but it helps to control moderate to severe pain and is used pretty succesfully, includuing me, by many here on this board. Hope you find luck too. If you do get relief on the Opana, can you make sure you report back to us. I would be interested in hearing about it.