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No I have not heard about any recall concerning the 12mcg patch and I even checked the Duragesic and Sandoz site for information. I think that ALOT of people are currently using these in place of the 25mcg patch. This may be the problem. You could always Sandoz and ask what pharmacies they distribute to. This would be the easiest thing to do instead of calling pharmacies around town and asking if they carry Sandoz brand. Of course you could probably narrow things down by calling small, private, mom&pop pharmacies. This is what I use for my patch and I get Sandoz. Heck I just got 2 boxes of 12mcg Sandoz patches and i can't use them. I know you probably don't want to hear that I have some that I can't use.

If you can get the brand Duragesic then that would be a good solution but I don't know how much extra you might have to pay. Duragesic does still have a $50 rebate coupon on their site so that might be useful. Let us know what you find out