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Chronic pain a crummy. Period.

And none of us like the idea that we require meds in order to function or get any enjoyment out of life. Weak? No way. But the feeling is well understood. I suffer with it myself. But if I do not take my pain meds, then I am really good for nothing and no one, including my family. With the meds I am able to be a husband, father, employee, you name it. Without the meds I am useless. It's just the way it is. Have I come to accept this? No. I fight this all the time, but when it comes right down to it, my real strength is in fulfilling my responsibilities to my family, my employer and myself by taking the meds.

You do not have to suffer these down times. There are long acting medications that serve to keep your blood opioid level at a relatively steady state and act to prevent the pain. As opposed to always be chasing pain relief every time the meds wear out. There morphine (MS Contin, Avinza), oxymorphone (Opana), fentanyl patches (Duragesic and generics), etc. Most pain management docs prefer to use these medications since the overall requirement for narcotics actually goes down as opposed to using short acting meds like dilaudid.

Do you see a pain management doc? If so, you might inquire about these long acting meds. If you do not see a PM doc, get a referral to one and see what he/she has to offer. There are plenty of threads here on what to expect of PM docs and how to approach them regarding meds.

And don't worry about addiction. taken long term, opioids will cause dependence. Meaning, if you stop abruptly you will suffer withdrawals. But this is not addiction. Addiction is obsession with acquiring and abusing opioids even to the point of causing harm. If you take opioids as prescribed you will not suffer addiction.

Best of Luck!

Hi Lee,

I have a spinal cord injury that they tried to correct with surgery but the graft was absorbed, then I was in two auto accidents within an 18 month period moving the hardware they put in and creating new problems with the C4-C6 plus as an added bonus I have degenerative disk disease. That was about 7 years ago it all happened and I found out about DDD.

I went through physical therapy (aquatics and regular), the shots and tons of meds. Finally accepted the idea of Pain Management. I was put on the 50mcg patch, 90 methadone and Vicodin. This cocktail worked better than anything I have ever been on. I do stretch daily to keep the muscles from tighten. Then my PM pulls this on me - I am changing all of the meds. Puts me on 30mg of Kadian in the morning and night, nothing to replace the methadone (I think the Kadian was to replace the patch). I was a mess. I called and called and was told those for two months I was going to be like this and his "receptionist/secretary" laughed and said go to the hospital and see if they will help you. I begged for a new an appointment - nothing.

I went to my GP and he told me that the PM Doc noted in my file that the protocol wasn't working and that is why he was changing the protocol. I was furious. The reason he changed the protocol is because I was no longer getting the spinal block shots that cost $800.00 a piece and I always needed two (Neck and lower back). I didn't request the shots because my meds were working GREAT. My GP attempted to call the PM Doc - he is closed Friday and there isn't anyone on back up. So my GP said that the spinal is swollen again and he wrote the scripts and will chat with him on Monday about his changes.

My Fiancée' pushed until I got the appointment with my GP, who knows I don't come in unless something is drastically wrong. Doctors are panicking over the lawsuit that just hit on the 25mcg patches.

Kadian may work for some but I certainly had no luck with it.

You see I too suffer with horrible back pain, I have been to 7 specialists trying to get a surgery to fix the lower problems and have been told -"You will always be in pain and the only thing we can do is to try and make you comfortable".

Most people think pain is a temporary venue. There are several of us who know that it will affect every aspect of your life. You have two very basic choices; I know them because they were mine too. You can either take your meds and try and lead as normal a life as possible or writher in pain for no really good reason except self-pity. I fought the meds for years and I really regret that don't make the same mistake I did. The pain is real, thank God there is medicine to help with it and no you are not an addict.

Have you asked for the Fentanyl /Duragesic patch? I love mine. Yes I have to use medical tape to help them stay on but them last 72 hours. Then I take a pill (Kadian) in the morning and one at night. Done! You should ask if you could try it. Also ask for the 50mcg patches there seems to be a lot of trouble with the 25mcg patches right now. It will change your life - promise!

QUOTE=leebrown61;3550213]Hi everyone,
I have not posted for quite some time. Sorry about that.
I have chronic back pain. All I know is that the doc says that I have arthritis in my lower spine, DDD, a couple of herniations, and some type of tear. I take dilaudid 4 mg 1 four times a day and vicodin 1 2 times a day. The meds to help my pain but they do not make it go away completly. I can tell when the meds stop working after about 3 hours because the pain increases.
I just don't understand how my back can be in pain all of the time. I would think that it would just stop hurting after awhile. I feel like a weak person having to take pain meds to get by. Before I started the pain meds, I missed work, never went any where and did not enjoy anything because I was in so much pain.
I guess sometimes I think that I am crazy and maybe the back pain is all in my head because I don't udnerstand how it can be almost constant.
I have also stated haveing an aching pain both my legs. Maybe I really am losing it.
Does anyone else experience pain that is constant except when relieved by pain meds. I mean I am taking a pill every 4 hours throughout the day. I don't want to turn into a drug addict.
Thanks everyone