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I am glad to see you posting and hopefully the patch will help with your pain significantly. I did some research and it looks like the Watson brand of the fentanyl patch is made "nearly identical" to the Sansoz/Duragesic brand. It looks like a clear patch with the gel filled inside. I know that some of the chain drug stores are starting to use the Watson brand, (hmm maybe after so many patients have either complained about Mylan or went elsewhere). Just a thought. How are you doing though? Are you feeling better? Please only type what you can.

Yes, the Watson patch uses the same technology and delivery mechanism as Duragesic and Sandoz. Duragesic is the "brand" and inventor of the technology. Their patent recently expired and now Janssen (Duragesic) makes the generic patch for Sandoz.

Conversely, Mylan uses a different technology / delivery mechanism where all glue, med, byproducts & etc are all lumped together in one big mass. Mylan is significantly cheaper than all the others, thus, it is the DOC at most pharmacies.

Watson is the "newcomer" in the market. They were approved by the FDA in the Fall of 2007, thus, it hasn't been on the market very long.

Good luck.

Hi Jon,

My wife is on 125mcg's of the fentanyl patch and her pm doc writes brand name only on he patches because these are the only one's that work, however since she has to wear two of them 1 100mcg and 1 25 mcg recently she ran into a problem. There was a recall on all Jaansen duragesic patches due to some type of dosing screw up and she was forced to use the generic in the 25's. Watson seemed to be the only other patch with the 25mcg that had the gel like the name brand and they seemed to be just as effective for her. Everyones body chemistry is different but I think that your best bet other than the name brand is Watson. I for instance also see a the same pm doc for my back and he tried me on the patch and it just was not effective at all for me so he had to go another route. Hope this offers you some insight as well as one persons experience. JoJo