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[QUOTE=cmpgirl;3557643]Ex, If you end up having to change therapies, has there been any med, that you have tried before, that gave you relief even close to the Fent? I'm just curious, because if you tried oxycontin before, and were only on a 2x/day regimine, it might work better with a 3x/day schedule. More docs seem to be open to this now. Just wondering..... cmpgirl

Yes, I was on OC 3 X day....Didn't work very well. My Doc is convinced that OC is only a 6-8 hr med. Went to the patch because of OCs poor performance.

Also, from what I'm finding out, all the 25s and 12s are in short availability due to the re-call. Janssen (Duragesic) was making all their own 25s + Sandoz's 25s......Thus, with the problem not yet fixed, it's putting a market strain on ALL the other brands.

The 12s were a low volume sku (production was set up accordingly) while the 25s were fairly high. Thus, when the 25s became unavailable, lots of Docs were doubling up on 12s to get by....This wiped out the nationwide inventory of 12s.

No, I'm not out Slippery....Thanks for asking...But I've had to scrounge around, that's for sure. And, I don't mean to brag, but I pulled out all the stops and was very resourceful...Not all have the means (or time) to do so.....Makes me wonder what many are doing?

I literally called every independent pharmacy I could within 25-30 miles...A reasonable drive. Independents are my target because they deal directly with the distributor / warehouse, whereas chains deal with their home office who orders nationally. Also, the chains are much less likely to work with you on special orders, holding product, and etc.

Before my most recent appointment, I was able to find a couple of boxes @ one pharmacy, and they are holding them for me. Then, they special ordered the remaining script qty, which are due in to the warehouse in about 7-10 days. Because my monthly script has been divided up into two shipments, I had to get two scripts (one monthly script broken up into two) due to the CII laws. The only thing I'm guaranteed is the first part of the script that they are holding....If the remaining balance doesn't come in, I'm in trouble!

Of course, I had to run this all by my Doc, which he was ok with.....But, the key was to find the inventory first (before my appt) and then get the scripts to match. A pain (no pun intended) to say the least. Conversely, if a unsuspecting patient simply shows up @ their respective pharmacy, they are in for a rude awakening. With all my meds, I have made a habit of calling a week to 10 days ahead for reasons just like this....Gives me time to scrounge around and find inventory.

Now, it is important to note that the Mylans are available, but my Doc has strongly recommended that I not use them, so I'm gun shy....Big time! However, my pharmacist said even they are running low due to the overall market pressure on the 25s. Calling Janssen is useless as they won't tell you anything. All they say is "no information is available at this time."

Lastly, according to the most recent warehouse we contacted, the Duragesic brand (in both 12s and 25s) are due in the next couple weeks whereas the Sandoz won't be available until July. This tells me that Janssen is going to replenish their "branded" product before making product for Sandoz.....Which makes perfect financial sense (for Janssen).